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A Holiday Gift Guide For The Nerds In Your Life

Published on Nov 17, 2022

Never trust an atom - they make up everything. If this joke had you falling to the floor, this collection of designs featuring everything science, pop culture, and punny is for you.

1. Guess I'll Die d20

Nat 1? welp, guess I'll die. There's nothing worse than rolling a 1 on your precious d20, It always feels as though your own dice betrayed you! May the DM have mercy on your soul.

2. Planets Illustration

This phone case features an illustration of the planets in our Solar System. Show your love for science and astronomy with this wonderful little solar system that you can fit in your pocket!

3. I Get Psyched for Psychology

Are you psyched for the study of the human mind? This fun science coffee mug that reads "Psyched for Psychology" and features a brain! Impress fellow psych majors with this funny tote bag to show your love for all things behavioral, biological, cognitive, differential, developmental, experimental... and all other types of psychology, applied or basic! A great gift for any psychology majors you know, whether they're working on their undergrad or doctorate!

4. Cool Science Pattern

For those science nerds out there it's the perfect sock pattern for you with planets, microscopes, erlenmeyer flask, atoms, molecules, beakers, and other science equipment so you can let everyone know how much you like science.

5. Teaching is just Educational DMing

Teaching is just educational DMing. Show your love for tabletop role-playing games as well as your love of teaching with this fun nerdy teacher design.

6. Nerdy Dads Build Character

It's a critical hit, having a nerdy dad builds character. Show off your love of your dad, being a dad, and DnD with this, "Nerdy Dads Build Character" dungeons and dragons inspired dad design!

7. Kerbo Derpy Kirby

Hoi, am Kerbo. Am big hero, fight king derderder, save plernert perpster. Gotta fly, my people need me.

8. Behold The Booty (Beholder)

Use all of your eyes to behold this BOOTY. Show off your amazing butt and love of Dungeons and Dragons with this, "Behold The Booty" nerdy, NSFW design. Perfect for loving butts, role playing, and tabletop gaming!

9. Be Gay Play Games

I'm Gay. I'm a gamer. And yes, I love the rbg gamer aesthetic.

10. My Workout Routine Is Vengeance Parody

What is your workout routine? It's Vengeance! Show off your vengeful, intense, brooding workout routine with this bat, vigilante inspired, gym, fitness, workout design.

11. Y'all Mothafuckas Need Science

NDT thinks all you mothafuckas need science so why don't you learn about the cosmos with Neil Degrasse tyson in this nerdy design perfect for those science loving space enthusiasts.

12. Decisions Were Made

I've done my calculations, but my math is bad... Boy was this a choice. I have many regrets. :|

13. Boba Fett Tea

Only the best galactic bounty hunters drink bubble tea. This design is perfect for fans of Star Wars, movies, Boba Fett, and bubble tea!

14. Oh Lawd He Rollin D20

Oh lawd, he rollin! Get that critical hit with this chaotic good design, featuring a personified, rolling, d20 die! Perfect for loving Dungeons and Dragons and table top gaming.

15. GameBee Handheld Buzzing Gaming Device

Real gamers remember the original Gamebee. Sooth that nostalgic sting as you comb through the memories with this sweet handheld console from yesteryear.

16. Hyrule Coffee

Caffeine and gaming is a match made in heaven! Protect Princess Zelda in style with this nerdy, video game inspired, gamer, coffee logo parody, Hyrule Coffee shirt!

17. Chaotic Trash (Opossum)

Your trashiness is a natural 20. Show off your chaotic alignment with this funny, "Chaotic Trash" opossum, Dungeons & Dragons inspired animal design, featuring an opossum biting a d20. Perfect for being nerdy, playing dead, and being chaotic.

18. You're Always On My Mind (Mind Flayer)

Show your campaign boo how special they are with this, "You're Always On My Mind" Mind Flayer valentine design! Perfect for a dungeon master, nerdy gifts, and lovers of Dungeons and Dragons.

19. Morel Season Got Me Like :D

If the idea of hunting for a bunch of morel mushrooms out in the woods with the lads gets you excited, this cute mushroom design is for you! Perfect for those who love nerding out about mycology, foraging, and nature!

20. Gamer Food Items

Regain your health, grow double your size, get a life, solve a puzzle, win the race, fulfill your destiny and grab a high score with these gamer food items you just couldn't go without! These edible power ups are perfect for video game nerds looking to show off the tools of their trade!

21. Liberals For Gay Space Socialism

Gear up gays, we're going to space! If this planet has you down this pro-space, pro-liberal design is for you. This funny retro design features an illustration of a space shuttle and the phrase "Liberals For Gay Space Socialism."

22. World's Best Science Teacher

Celebrate the "World's Best Science Teacher" with this Magic School Bus, Ms. Frizzle design featuring an illustration of Ms. Frizzle and her magic! Perfect for teacher gifts, teacher appreciation, science lovers, science teachers, fans of the Magic School Bus, 90s kids, and gifts for scientists!

23. What's Kraken?

The legendary beast of the deep was known to have a sense of humor. Tales would tell that before it took down ships it would shout "What's Kraken?" Till this day people still cringe at the the phrase, whether it's because of the legend or it's outdated slang is still unknown. Be sure to get a laugh out of friends and nerdy passersby alike in this awesome retro styled kraken design.

24. STEM-ininst (STEM Field Feminist)

If you've got STEM girl swag and you believe in gender equality, this design is for you! Show some smart girl pride and some love for the fields where women are so very underrepresented (science technology engineering & math) while strutting your feminist pride too!

25. Musical Note Pattern

Look sharp and stay out of treble with this cute, musical note pattern design! This minor inconvenience will be a major help to your community! Perfect for music lovers and musicians, featuring black notes on a white background.

26. I Am Once Again Asking For Your Financial Support Tom Nook

I am once again asking for your financial support. Show your love for Burnie Sander's memes as well as your love for Tom Nook with this funny election and animal crossing mashup design.

27. Babyee Yodhaw (Baby Yoda Cowboy)

Use the force of your lasso to be the best, rootin', tootin', tiny cowboy of the galaxy! Show off your love of Baby Yoda and cowboy memes with this funny, "Babyee Yodhaw" yee haw, parody design!

28. Book Binger

Book Binger. Show that once you pop the fun don't stop, at least when it comes to books. Show your love of reading this literature enthusiast design.

29. Spill The Tea You Will... (Baby Yoda)

Waiting to hear all the hot goss, so spill it! Show off your love of drama and Baby Yoda with this funny, "Spill The Tea You Will..." baby yoda parody design. Perfect for being a star wars nerd and spilling tea!

30. Celebrating Earth While We Still Have One

Might as well continue to celebrate Earth Day while we still have one to celebrate! Show off your love of earth and nature but your worries about climate change and global warming with this, "Celebrating Earth While We Still Have One" somewhat sarcastic, environmental design!

31. Working On My Anime Body

You gotta work those buns and guns to get that perfect transformation sequence body! This fitness tee is perfect for any fan of Sailor Moon and anime!

32. Working My Small Might Into All Might - My Hero Academia

Get to the gym and quirk up a sweat with the symbol of peace! This All Might shirt is perfect for any fans of anime and My Hero Academia!

33. Coffee Pixel Art Pattern

If you're a nerdy type who loves your morning cup of coffee, this cute pixel pattern of different kinds of coffee cups and hearts is a perfect idea to add to your cute decor! These nerdy socks are a perfect gift idea for any coffee lovers in your life.

34. This Hit Is Lit

May all your hits be crits! Let the good times roll with this Dungeons and Dragons tee!

35. My Chest Bursts for You - Chestburster

They say the closest way into a man's heart is through a Chestburster! Express your Alien and movie monster love with this cute Chestburster design!

36. I Like my Coffee Darker Than the Mines of Moria

This Lord of the Rings inspired coffee mug is perfect for second breakfast. This nerdy coffee mug features the phrase "I like my coffee darker than the minds of Moria and stronger than a Balrog" along with symbols from the Gates to Moria and a faux gold texture. Buy this for the LOTR fan in your life and they'll have the one mug to rule them all.

37. Gamer Fuel

If you're a gamer who loves your daily dose of caffeine, this funny pixel video game mug is a perfect choice, whether your favorite beverage is tea or coffee! Show off your nerdy hobbies and get your coffee fix with this nerdy mug!

38. Physics And Chill?

This funny physicist shirt reads, "Physics And Chill?" and features a suave and enticing Albert Einstein, ready to whisper in your ear all about the theory of relativity. This shirt is perfect for any physics major or physics nerd who loves Einstein and is hoping that his charm and intelligence will take them past Netflix and chill and straight to physics and chill!

39. Never Forget The Floppy

So they want to tell us physical media is dead? No way! Never forget your floppy disk friends!

40. This Is My Fault

I'm sorry, this is all my fault I just... I couldn't take all the pressure! Get your mandatory geology pun groans out with funny geology pun t shirt. Maybe if you're friends gneiss enough they won't call you out on your schists! This design is the perfect gift for scientists stuck in the lab all day, science lovers, and geologist out in the field!

41. I Would Make A Zelda Pun But I Don't Wanna Tri And Force It

See what we did there? Show off your nerdy, gamer side with this pun-ny Legend of Zelda, triforce design!

42. Caffeine Formula

Most people love coffee, but do they know what it�s made of? If you're a science nerd who loves caffeine, this coffee mug is perfect for you! Impress your friends and coworkers with this novelty mug. It looks great at your work desk or home desk!

43. How Much EXP Do I Get For This

Show that you're a hard core gamer looking for those sweet sweet experience points with this funny video game themed shirt. This shirt is perfect for wherever your quest takes you whether it be the gym, yoga class, school, or work.

44. Oh? Egg Hatching

This maternity shirt is perfect for nerdy gaming fans who love 90s games, augmented reality games and want to announce their pregnancy in the nerdiest way. This nerdy shirt is great for gamers, 90s fans and pregnant moms.

45. Support Science Labs White Print

Our science labs are important! We must support them, and what's more supportive than a cute lil lab doggo? Show your support for science and all the research and developments are created in labs with this cute and funny, nerdy, science, dog shirt!

46. Science Squad

Celebrate the squad goals that is Bill Nye, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Carl Sagan with this popular science trio design featuring the text "Science Squad" and their illustrated portraits! Show the world your science love with this design perfect as a gift for scientists, science nerds, and science teachers!

47. Of Quartz I Love Geology

Do I love geology? Of QUARTZ I love geology! Check out some gneiss schists and go over some faults with your colleges with this funny geology pun for every mineral & crystal lover out there who knows geology rocks. That science pun was a real gem, wasn't it? It's not my fault if you don't appreciate geology jokes.

48. We Are Each Of Us A Little Universe

Neil Degrasse Tyson said it best on "Cosmos"...We are all made of star stuff, and we are each a tiny universe. Embrace how amazing that is! Sagan would be proud. For all your attempting to understand the universe and science related needs, this nerdy coffee mug is perfect for you or any other nerdy folks you may happen to have and love in your life!

49. King Gain-dorah - King Ghidorah

Long lift the golden king! Get kai-jacked like Godzilla's arch-enemy, King Ghidorah, with this workout tee!

50. I Love Anime

I love anime. You love Anime. WE ALL LOVE ANIME! Show your deepest affection for Otaku culture with this design!

51. Anime And Chill

Let's just watch anime and chill, no really. Chill out and watch some anime with this, "Anime And Chill" otaku design! Perfect for someone who loves anime, weebs, otaku, and chilling!