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Add Personality To Your Outdoor Space With These Garden Flags

Published on Jun 6, 2022

Stay up with seasonal trends (or the latest meme!) by switching out your flag for every occasion and mood. Our yard flags are great for the front of your home, a garden space, backyard, or flower planter.

1. Gardening Is Punk

Gardening is punk! Grow some veggies and give them away! Show off your love of gardening, farming, and punk planting with this traditional tattoo-style design!

2. It's Hot As Balls (The Sun Tarot)

WHEW! I don't know if this heat represents joy but I do think nature is in harmony with the sentiment that it is HOT AS BALLS outside right now. stay cool and find happiness in cooler places with this funny Tarot parody design!

3. I Have Allergies

I have allergies! Don't suffer in silence with your seasonal allergies. Wear them loud and proud with this cute and funny, spring themed, seasonal allergies design.

4. Village Witch

Are you a witchy women handing out spells and talisman to the locals? Then this design is for you. This witchcraft inspired design features an illustration of a spooky house with a ghost coming out of the chimney along with the phase "Village Witch."

5. Home Sweet Home Animal Crossing

Home sweet home! Welcome home Mayor and Villager alike! Gear up for the new Animal Crossing with this cute Animal Crossing inspired design.

6. Protect The Wildlife (Bigfoot)

Support sasquatch and your local cryptids with this funny, "Protect The Wildlife" Bigfoot, retro parks patch inspired design! Perfect for loving cryptids, cryptozoology, sasquatch, bigfoot, and exploring the wilderness!

7. Country Toads Take Me Home

This is exactly how the lyrics go. This is exactly what the content is in that song. It's about West Virginia country toads guiding you home. I am not wrong on this.

8. Howdy Frog Cowboy

Yee frhawg! Giddy up, partner, and hop out to the west with this funny, cowboy frog saying, "howdy." Perfect for loving frogs, cowboys, the desert and cacti.

9. Black Lives Matter List

Show off your political side with this love trumps hate inspired, rainbow, human rights, feminist, anti-racism, science believer's shirt! Keep protesting the alt-right and white supremacists!

10. Life is Fucking Relentless

Life is fucking relentless. It just keeps happening. Let everyone one know life's got ya down with this strange illustration of a crab smoking a cigaret.

11. Fluff Around And Find Out

You wanna mess with this bun, hun? You hoppin' for a kickin'? Get your personal bubble respected with this sassy bunny punny design that is ready to throw feet.

12. I Won't Hesitate Bitch Frog

I Won't Hesitate Bitch. I may be cute, but I'll fillet you like a fish, whatever, if you so much as TOUCH ME.

13. Whatever You're Selling We Don't Want It

Make it known that your house isn't interested in being disturbed by people selling stuff with this funny garden flag. Will it stop em all? Probably not, but at least you can't say you didn't tell them so.

14. Just Another Day In The Simulation Smiley

Is reality actually a simulation? Whatever it is, it's rough! Grin and bear it with this sassy, "Just Another Day In The Simulation" smiley design!

15. In This House We Believe In Magical Creatures

In this house we believe in Bigfoot, Unicorns, Mothman and Mermaids. Nessie, Witches, Ghosts and Aliens! And any other magical creatures that exist! Show off your love for mythological and magical creatures with this design!

16. Pride Tarot

Celebrate pride and your love of tarot, occult, and queerness with Pride tarot design inspired by the sun card!

17. Made It Out Of Bed (Floral)

Congratulations! You made it out of bed! Is it the greatest accomplishment? No, but it's a good thing to do. Take your time and make your day work for you even when you're low on spoons with this cute floral design!

18. Pick Flowers & Fights

Pick flowers & fights. Show you believe violence is always the answer and you enjoy floral arrangements with this vintage color scheme inspired design.

19. Pet Cats. Hail Satan

If you pet a cat you are worshipping satan. The beast resides in all of our feline associates. Inside resides the purest form of evil. So release the beast in every kitty by petting them on their bellies. Soon you will find your arms are covered in blood for their rituals to summon the spawn of satan himself. So with this design, Pet cats and hail satan!

20. We Are In This Together Plants and Flowers

We are in this together! Planting and growing community! Show your support and celebrate our connectedness with this, "We Are In This Together" uplifting, inspirational, message of hope and solidarity.

21. Live, Laugh, Existential Crisis

Live, laugh, have a mental breakdown over the state of the world and how you feel helpless to do anything about it. Sure I can still love, but sometimes that's not on the top of my priority list...

22. My Cat Has No Idea We Live in a Hellscape

Oh, what I'd give to be a clueless cat that only has to care about eating, sleeping, and being cute... Show that you're coping with this, "My Cat Has No Idea We Live in a Hellscape" existential, cat lover's design.

23. Feral Girl Summer Opossum

Watch out, she a feral girl! Show off your feral girl fearlessness with this funny, "Feral Girl Summer" screaming opossum design. Perfect for embracing your imperfections and doing whatever tf you want!

24. If I Die Water My Plants

If I die water my plants. Show that you hope your plants have long fulfilling lives even after you're gone with this funny, morbid plant lovers design.

25. Back On My Silly Goose Shit

Watch out, I'm back on my silly goose shit! Show off your love of being a silly, sassy goose with this illustration of a goose wearing sunglasses strutting in the sunshine.

26. Feral Girl Summer Cat

Ditch purrrrfectionism and live your best feral girl life with this, Feral Girl Summer cat design featuring a sassy black cat! Get weird and do what you want.

27. Toad With A Load

Wow, Doesn't your back hurt having to carry all that? That's a rather heavy load you've got there. That's quite a lot of junk in the trunk. Dat Ass gonna make me croak.

28. Normal Is Not For Me

I tried being normal, it's not for me! Embrace your unique experience with this colorful, wavy typography design featuring the phrase, "Normal Is Not For Me" in rainbow letters.

29. Doing My Little Tasks While The World Crumbles

Everything is fine! I'll just smile through doing my little tasks while the world crumbles further into a capitalist hellscape!

30. I'm For The Streets Cat Parody

If I'm not for anyone, then it just means I'm for the streets. The streets are always welcoming.

31. Pro Home Decorator

Show the world you've entered new horizons of decorating and become an animal of an interior designer with this cute n happy home design. Perfect for crossing from DIYer into full fledged professional home designer!