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Celebrate Dad This Father's Day With These Gifts

Published on Jun 3, 2022

Father's Day is June 19th this year, and now is the time to start thinking about how to show Dad how thankful you are for him. We've put together our ultimate gift guide for dads centered around all things dad jokes, grilling, fishing, and all things nerdy!

1. I Am Your Father

As the fearsome Darth Vader once said “I am your father”. Now your very own nerdy, embarrassing, pun-making father can flaunt too with this awesome Star Wars shirt! A perfect gift for any dad’s birthday or Father’s day!

2. Proud Father of a Freaking Awesome Kid

Proud Father of a Freaking Awesome Kid (who coincidentally bought me this). Give your dad the gift that keeps on giving (not counting yourself, of course).

3. Dad, You Are My Father

Share in fandom this Father's Day with this great gift for dad featuring the text "Dad, You Are My Father" to share the nerd love with this Dad gift! Perfect for gifts for Dad, a Fathers Day card, and Dad humor!

4. My Kids Call Me Father But I Prefer Darth Vader

This fathers day shirt is great for all fathers of the dark side because my kids call me father but I prefer darth vader. This star wars shirt is perfect for fans of fathers day gifts, dad gifts and darth vader shirts.

5. Happy Father's Day From Your Favorite Financial Burden

Happy Father's Day from your favorite financial burden! Show your daddy some love with this funny card showing that you are thankful for all of your Dad's finical sacrifices.

6. Plant Daddy

Happy Father's Day to the best plant daddy there ever was! Show off your love of being a plant parent with this, "Plant Daddy" plant lover design!

7. Dad Joke Champion

Dad jokes may be the worst but on Father's day we have to celebrate dad's bad but cute humor. Show your dad who holds the trophy for the best dad jokes with this cute and funny, Father's day coffee mug!

8. Darth Dad

Universe's #1 Dad

9. 99% Sure I'm The Funniest Dad Alive

This father's day get your dad a gift that let's everyone know just how much he loves dad jokes with this design that says "99% Sure I'm The Funniest Dad Alive" perfect for present for fathers who can't stop making those bad dad jokes.

10. I'm Dad Inside

Every day is Father's Day when you're Dad inside! Celebrate your favorite dad or dad friend with this funny, "I'm Dad Inside" skull design. Perfect for being a #1 dad, dad jokes, dad humor, and Father's Day gifts!

11. Happy Fotter's Day

Show your favorite father how much you love them this father's day with this, "Happy Fotter's Day" otter gift design! Perfect for loving your dad and animal puns!

12. Thicc Dad

Thicc dads are the best dads. Show off your love for your body positive thicc dad or just thicc dads in general, with this Father's day thicc dad pin!

13. Dad To The Bone

You're the daddest of them all! Show off your dad humor with this funny, "Dad To The Bone" dad design with a skull in sunglasses! Perfect for a dad, dad jokes, and dad puns.

14. Gamer Dad

Is your dad a gamer? Does he spend hours in front of a screen, fighting dragons and winning virtual battles? Then you've got yourself a Gamer Dad! And this t-shirt is the perfect way to show off his geeky side. With its pixelated graphics and cool, retro design, this shirt screams "I'm a gamer and I'm proud of it!" So why settle for a boring, generic dad t-shirt when you can give your dad the gift of gaming fashion? This Gamer Dad t-shirt is more than just a cool shirt - it's a way of life. It's perfect for all kinds of dads, whether they're hardcore gamers or just casual players. And it's not just for Father's Day - your dad can wear it any day of the year! With its soft, comfortable material and high-quality design, this shirt is sure to become a favorite in your dad's wardrobe. So if you're looking for a fun and unique gift for your dad, look no further than this Gamer Dad t-shirt. Whether he's playing on a console, PC, or mobile device, he'll love showing off his gaming pride with this cool shirt. So what are you waiting for? Get your dad the gift he really wants - a Gamer Dad t-shirt!

15. Proud AF Dad

Proud AF Dad. Show that you are a proud father with this pro-lgbtqa community inspired design.

16. This Dad Runs a Tight Shipwreck

This Dad runs a tight shipwreck. Show that you're the captain of a hot mess of a family this funny sassy design featuring an illustration of a sinking ship.

17. Hot Dad Summer Parody

It's officially Hot Dad Summer! Start Father's Day off right and celebrate "Hot Dad Summer" with this funny, Father's Day parody shirt design!

18. Big Dad Energy

You've got that Big Dad Energy and everyone knows it. Perfect for a great dad in your life, dad humor, dad memes, trendy humor, dad jokes, and having BDE.

19. Nerdy Dads Build Character

It's a critical hit, having a nerdy dad builds character. Show off your love of your dad, being a dad, and DnD with this, "Nerdy Dads Build Character" dungeons and dragons inspired dad design!

20. Dadliest Catch

Reel in the deadly dad jokes with this tee! This pun-themed tee is perfect for Father's Day!

21. Professional Stay at Home Dad

Professional Stay at Home Dad. Show that Dadding ain't easy, it's a full-time job, with this home dad inspired design.

22. DAD Nasa Parody

Dad! IN SPACE! Show your Dad he's out of this world with this nerdy, science, space themed father's day design.

23. Radical Dadical

This dad is 2kool4skool- actually, nevermind, school is pretty important and cool. BUT ALSO THIS DAD IS RAD AS DAD. Show some love for your dad this father's day (or show off your pride as a father) with this funny radical dadical design!

24. Dice Dad

Roll a natural 20 in fatherhood with this Dungeons and Dragons-inspired, "Dice Dad" nerdy design! Perfect for loving DnD, role-playing, tabletop gaming, fantasy, and nerdy dads!

25. Frog Daddy

Share some exciting frog knowledge and showcase your love of all things slimy and amphibious with this cute and weird frog daddy design!

26. Koalaty Dad Koala

Proud to be a quality and koalaty dad! Show off your fatherhood or love for your dad with this, "Koalaty Dad" koala pun design! Perfect for celebrating dad, father's day, koala jokes, and animal puns.

27. Dad Bod Squad

Show some dad love with this funny, dad joke, dad bod inspired, funny dad bod squad shirt! Whether you are a dad or you just rock a super cool dad bod, this is the shirt for you!

28. Best Diddly Daddily

Hi diddily ho dadderino! I'm just here to diddly tell you that you're the best daddily around! Godspeed lil' daddle!

29. Toddler Tantrum Survivor

Introducing the enamel lapel pin for every parent who has endured the relentless tantrums of a toddler. The "Toddler Tantrum Survivor" lapel pin is a badge of honor that celebrates the strength and patience needed to navigate the tumultuous waters of parenthood. Whether you've experienced a meltdown in the grocery store or a public tantrum at a restaurant, this lapel pin serves as a reminder that you've survived one of the most challenging aspects of raising a child. Crafted with precision and detail, this enamel lapel pin features bold white letters on a striking black background, making it a statement accessory that adds personality to any outfit. The smooth surface and secure pin back allow for easy attachment to any jacket, hat, or backpack to show off your hard-earned badge of resilience. Wear it as a symbol of your tenacity and perseverance as you continue to navigate the wild ride that is parenting.

30. Sorry, My Toddler Is The Boss Of Me

Introducing a bold and humorous t-shirt that will resonate with moms who know who's really in charge - "Sorry, My Toddler Is The Boss Of Me." Whether you're constantly cleaning up messes, reading the same book over and over again, or constantly chasing after your little one, this t-shirt is the perfect way to showcase your devotion and love for your little tyrant while maintaining your sense of humor. Featuring a playful yet stylish design, this t-shirt is perfect for any mom who's ever felt like her child is running the show. Wear it to playdates, on trips to the grocery store or simply as a reminder that despite the chaos, you wouldn't change a thing. Made from high-quality materials and with a comfortable, relaxed fit, you can wear this t-shirt all day long without sacrificing style or comfort. Embrace the joy and challenges of parenthood with this hilarious and relatable t-shirt that will have other moms nodding in solidarity.

31. Coolest Dad In The Galaxy

Introducing our newest addition to the t-shirt family - the "I am the Dad-alorian" tee! If you're a fan of the hit show The Mandalorian and a cool dad at the same time, then this shirt is made just for you. Our t-shirt is not just any ordinary apparel, but a declaration of your fatherly status as the ultimate protector of your children, just like Din Djarin's role in protecting Baby Yoda. Embody the Dad-alorian with this shirt, designed to showcase your love for your family and your love for the galaxy far, far away. The eye-catching design features the iconic Mandalorian helmet with the words "I am the Dad-alorian" boldly printed on the chest. Be the envy of your fellow dads and Mandalorian fans alike and make a statement with this must-have t-shirt in your collection. Perfect for family outings, casual day outs, or as a special gift for the Dad-alorian in your life, this shirt is a sure hit for any fan of The Mandalorian.

32. Cat Dad

This stylish "Cat Dad" shirt is perfect for any cat lover! Crafted from a soft cotton blend, this shirt is comfortable and breathable, making it ideal for everyday wear. Featuring a bold graphic of a cat and the words "Cat Dad". Whether you're a proud cat dad or just a fan of felines, this shirt is sure to be a hit.

33. Holy Daddy Pete Davidson

The Holy Father? How about Our Holy Daddy Pete? He is a god amongst men, we fans old the sacred heart of Je--Pete Davidson close, amen.

34. My Dad Taught Me How to Ride

My dad taught me how to ride my motorcycles. Harley cycles, that is. This design is perfect for biker dads that have kids who ride too, or even just sit on the back! It resembles the Harley Davidson logo and biker families will never get two-tired of it!

35. Seahorse Father

When it comes to being a father, I deliver. And the male seahorse dads really do! Male seahorses actually carry and deliver their kids - wild right?!? Who knew seahorse guys could be feminists? Also check out this seahorses' classic dad fit!

36. God May Be The "Father" But Satan Is Daddy

God May Be The "Father" But Satan Is Daddy! Wear this next time the Evangelicals come knocking, sassy satanists will appreciate it.

37. Hoppy Frogther's Day

Leap on the opportunity to out-joke your dad with this cute frog pun father's day design!

38. Glad To Be A Trans Dad

Celebrate being a proud trans dad with this, "Glad To Be A Dad" pride design! Perfect for being a Dad, transgender, trans masc, and father's day!

39. If Found Please Return To Grandpa

Never lose a mug to the mysterious microwave again with this funny grandparent mug design, featuring the text, "If Found Please Return To Grandpa" - because it's grandpa's mug!

40. Fatherhood Check

Fatherhood Check. Roll a d20 and see if you pass or fail a fatherhood check. Show you're a dad who loves tabletop role-playing games with this design.

41. Dadass Serious

Dadass Serious. You've heard of deadass serious now get ready for dads serious. Show that you 're a serious dad with this funny parody design.

42. World's Punniest Dad

Happy Father's day to the world's punniest dad! Show your love for your dad and all his puns and dad jokes with this cute and funny, father's day coffee mug!