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Time To Adult! Here Are Some Timely Graduation Gifts

Published on Apr 25, 2022

Have an approaching graduate in your life? Gift them one of these ultra-relatable products to congratulate them, and also greet them into the real world!

1. Later Haters Graduation

Get that diploma and get outta there! Show off your freedom from school with this funny, "Later Haters" graduation design with a grad cap! Perfect for graduation, congratulations for graduating, and celebrating accomplishments!

2. Adult Award

You deserve a metal or award for being an adult. This adulting award design features a large metal blue ribbon with the text "Adult" for your hard work at adulting. Share your adulthood accomplishment with the world whether you're a young adult, professional adult, new parents, or just a sassy, sarcastic, anti adult!

3. You Were Made For Greatness

Show support for your loved one in their time of need, on their birthday, congratulations, graduation, or next endeavor and remind them that they were made for greatness! This funny shark love greeting card design features an illustration of a great white shark with shades on with a GREAT animal pun! Perfect for shark jokes, shark puns, greatness quotes, encouraging and supporting a loved one!

4. Congrats Bestie

Show off your pride for yourself or your friends for graduating with this funny, graduating, congratulations bestie, grad greeting card design!

5. Graduation Cat

Tired of people asking what you're doing after graduation? This mug design is perfect for the graduating senior who is sick of questions but fond of cats. Let graduation cat speak for you: I have no idea what I'm doing. Super cute!

6. Doge Graduate

Wow. Much smart. Very grad. Show off your newly graduate status with this hilarious, meme inspired, doge design!

7. Con-graduations, Shinji-kun

Now you get to pull a Shinji Ikari and suffer from the obligatory post-grad blues! Isn't that just swell? Remind your graduating anime nerd of the bizarre ending of the original Neon Genesis Evangelion with this card. Congratulations, grad!

8. Mew Did It Graduation Cat

This funny cat greeting card is the best way around to congratulate your cat-loving college new grad on their degree! Reading "Mew Did It" and featuring a cute cat, this cat pun card has it all!

9. Okay Graduates Now Let's Get In Formation

This graduation card is perfect for fans of pop music and queen bey cuz like, okay graduations now let's get in formation! It's graduation day! This pop music card is great for those that want some good graduation party cards and graduation gifts.

10. Happy Graduation Satan Is Pleased With Your Progress

Wish your loved one a happy Graduation and let them know Satan is pleased with this funny floral graduation card. This goth graduation card features illustrations of black and white roses, a mysterious eye and the phrase "Happy Graduation Satan Is Pleased With Your Progress."

11. I Still Did It

Even though the class of 2020's graduation will be a little different, they still did it! Show off the graduate in your life how proud of them you are for staying strong and working towards graduating with this cute, 2020 graduation pin!

12. Harvard Alumni (just Kidding)

Harvard Alumni (just Kidding).

13. Rad Grad

Graduation means you're one rad grad! Show off how proud and rad you are for being a graduate with this funny, graduate t shirt.

14. Post Grad Probs

Stay in school, don't graduate! Being an adult in the real world is way harder than any school or college! Feeling the pressures of post grad life? Gift this cute and funny graduation greeting card to the post grad in your life.

15. Yeet

This b*tch graduated... YEET! Grab your diploma to pursue your dreams and memes with this funny "YEET" themed graduation design!

16. I've Got 99 Problems and All of Them Involve Student Debt

I've become a Student Loan Wolf after graduation. Celebrate your graduation in a sassy yet blunt way with this "I've got 99 problems and all of them involve student debt" design!

17. Still Trying To Figure Out This Whole Adulting Thing

Don't mind me. I'll just be over here trying to figure out this whole adulting thing. Struggle through adulthood in style with this funny, adulting design.

18. My Cats And I Salute You

This funny congratulations greeting card is perfect for all occasions where applause is appropriate. Whether your friend did a great job getting out of bed or graduated college, this congrats cat card will show that they've earned the utmost respect of you and your cat family.

19. This Calls For A Toast

Pour the champagne and elebrate your love of all things bread and great moments in life with this, "This Calls For A Toast" cute bread design! Perfect for a wedding, graduation, engagement, bridal parties, retirement, birthdays, or just loving cute bread.

20. Because Grad School

Because Grad School. Let people know that grad school has taken over your life with this grad student inspired design.

21. Study With Me

Go live and get your study group together with this, "Study With Me" streamer student design. Perfect for getting focused, virtual studying, and furthering your education!

22. Free College Please White Print

I'll take one free college please. In this day and age it's either don't go to college or go and be in debt for the rest of your life. Show off your want and need for tuition free higher education with this funny, political free college shirt.

23. School Is Trash Raccoon

School is trash. Go back to school and let everyone know you think school is trash with this adorable trash panda design.

24. Because Law School

Because Law School. Let people know that law school has taken over your life with this law school inspired design.

25. Because Nursing School

Because Nursing School. Let people know that nursing school has taken over your life with this nursing student inspired design.

26. Art School Dropout

Show off your super sick drawing skills with this art school dropout, college inspired, art humor, stick figure shirt! Now is your chance to get a laugh out of your art school friends and brag about your artistic talent!

27. I Can Bear-ly Contain My Excitement

This funny bear congratulations card is perfect for those who love the outdoors, bears, and puns! This funny design reads "I Can BEAR-ly Contain My Excitement" and is sure to get some laughs from campers, outdoors enthusiasts, and bear fans no matter what the occasion for congratulations!

28. Yas Queen Rainbow Pride

This gay greeting card is perfect for gay birthdays, gay weddings, best wishes and congratulations because "Yas Queen!" This funny gay card is great for fans of gay pride, lgbt pride, pride cards, best friend cards and gay pride cards.

29. Warning Adulting May Vary

Just simply doing the public a service by posting this warning sign right here. Just giving y'all a heads up. Adulting may vary from each individual. You have been warned.

30. I'm An Adult

This funny unicorn shirt is perfect for anyone who is a kid at heart and doesn't quite know how to adult yet but is gonna pretend anyway "I'm an adult." This adulting shirt is great for fans of unicorn shirts, adulthood quotes, unicorn memes, and unicorn jokes.

31. Adulting Is Hard

Adulting, am I right? Get over your grown-up blues with this funky and fresh text tee. We feel you.

32. Somewhat Adult (White)

Show that you're a somewhat prepared, competent, and responsible adult…at least some of the time with this funny adulting design featuring the text "Somewhat Adult Some Of The Time". Maybe you're going through a quarter-life crisis, feel lazy, or are just immature most days - this adulthood design is for you!

33. Adulting Stresses Meowt

Adulting, responsibilities, it's all too much. I just want to be like a lazy cat and forget about everything with a nice nap. Forget about the worries of life for a bit with this funny and lazy, adulting, cat pin design!

34. Adulting Is Soup and I'm A Fork

Adulting is hard... like eating soup with a fork hard. Sometimes we just need to give up, grab a spoon, and replace that soup with ice cream. You may be bad at adulting, but at least you're great at having fun!

35. I Don't Wanna Be An Adult I Wanna Be A Cat

I don't wanna be an adult, I wanna be a cat! That way I can just eat and sleep all day long. Show off your love for cats and their lazy lifestyle and hatred for adulting with this funny, sassy design.

36. You Can't Make Me Adult Cat

Show off your love of cats and your hatred of being responsible with this funny millennial, adulting humor, screaming cat shirt! Let the world know you have no interest in adulting and nobody can make you change your mind!

37. Make Way, Very Important Adult Coming Through

This adulting shirt is perfect for anyone who is trying to take adulthood in stride and wants to make sure that everyone knows to stand back because an adult is coming through! Wear this shirt just about anywhere you want to show off your new found adultness!

38. Hello I'm Trying

Life is hard, adulting is hard, and all we can do to conquer that is to try. Enjoy this Hello I'm... name tag design and let people know that you're trying!

39. Trying To Get My Shit Together

Get yourself together and get your shit together! Start adulting and get yourself together with this funny, cat coffee mug!