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Show Your Pride With These 28 Silly LGBTQ+ Products

Published on Apr 27, 2020

With Pride season right around the corner, we've rounded up some of our favorite Pride products we know you'll love!

1. Plant Pride

Are you a proud plant parent and a supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community? The Plant Pride t-shirt is the perfect way to show off both of your passions! Whether you have a green thumb or you just love the aesthetic of foliage, this shirt is for you. Our design celebrates the intersection between the natural world and the diverse human community. Plants have no boundaries, and neither does love! Let the world know that your heart beats not only for your leafy babies but also for equality and acceptance. Join the movement and wear your ideals on your sleeve (or chest, to be more precise). This shirt is not just a piece of clothing; it's a statement! Be proud of who you are and embrace your love for plants with Plant Pride. Get one for yourself or gift it to a fellow plant-loving, queer-affirming friend. Because in the end, love is love, and green is always in fashion!

2. Queer for Cryptids

Does that make me queer for cryptozoology? You betcha. Tickle your queer, cryptid-loving fancy with this mug!

3. Non Binary Pride Flag

Reject gender roles and gender norms with this Non Biniary flag design. This pride flag is perfect for Pride, supporting the LGBT community, fighting for equality, taking no shit from the cis-stem, and being a badass non-binary gender person who refuses to let society define who they are by narrow perceptions of gender identity!

4. Pride or Die

In life, it's either pride or die, dude. Show your pride with this aesthetic unicorn and Grim Reaper!

5. Pride Is For Everyone

People don't like change I guess but guess what too bad! With all the uproar going on about the new color additions to the rainbow flag in Philadelphia it's time to embrace all colors in the rainbow! Celebrate an all inclusive pride with these new updated, rainbow pride tote bag.

6. Trans Pride Flag

Embrace your gender and show off your trans pride with this transgender pride flag design! Perfect for celebrating being trans, LGBTQ pride, fighting for equality and human rights, and living your truth!

7. Gay and Trashy Possum

Gay and trashy. Show pride in your queerness while also acknowledging that you are a garbage person with this cute screaming possum design.

8. May The Pride Be With You Parody

The pride is strong with this one! Show off your nerdy pride with this, "May The Pride Be With You" LGBTQ Star Wars parody design! Perfect for a Star Wars fan, gay pride, LGBTQ humor, queer nerds, and gay puns!

9. Lesbian Pride Flag

Show off your love of the ladies with this lesbian pride flag! Perfect for women loving women, lesbians, gay women, butches, femmes, lesbian pride and all the love in between!

10. Gay And Tired

Show off your grumpy side with this gay pride, rainbow inspired, LGBT+ coffee mug! Being gay means dealing with a lot of lame shit, so we don't blame you for being Gay and Tired from time to time.

11. Ah, Men Gay Jesus Mug

This funny Jesus mug is perfect for Pride month, Pride fests and just anytime you wanna jaunt around town and slay with your funny gay Jesus mug, like "Ah, men!" Get it, amen? This pride mug is great for fans of pride jokes, gay jesus, jesus mugs and jesus jokes.

12. Magical Gay

You're no typical gay, you're a "Magical Gay" and you must share your gayness with the world! Perfect if you're a gay unicorn, gay pride, unicorn gifts, coming out, and being queer!

13. Gay Pride Flag

If you're gay and loud and hella proud, show it off in style. Own it! Wear your heart on your sleeve, and put your best and most fabulous foot forward with this gay pride flag design.

14. Queergi LGBTQ Corgi

Show off your corgi cuteness with pride in this "Queergi" LGBTQ corgi pun design! Perfect for being queer, loving corgis, dog puns, and celebrating LGBTQ pride!

15. Emo Gay

Gay, Emo and sad. Show off your emo kid, sad, gay self this pride season with this funny, lgbt, emo pin / jewelry / accessory! Be a sad lil' rainbow and show off your emo pride.

16. LGBTQ+ Resist

Show off your pride and persistence in the resistance with this LGBTQ+ RESIST design. Love wins and will ALWAYS win. Perfect for a liberal queer, protesting, standing up for human rights, democracy, gay rights, and resisting bigotry!

17. Gender Queer Pride Flag

Some people don't identify with a gender, and that's okay! You might understand that sometimes a person is just way too cute to have a gender identity. If you're a proud member of the LGBTQIA community, this gender queer pride flag is perfect for you!

18. Spill The Tea, Sis LGBTQ+ Pride

Give me the details, spill the tea, sis! Show off your funny, dramatic pride with this, "Spill The Tea, Sis" LGBTQ+ Pride design! Perfect for loving gossip, pride, LGBTQ humor, being queer, and spilling the tea of course!

19. I'm Looking For The Gays

Calling all Gays, I'm looking out for you. Find your new and old LGBTQ pals with this, "I'm Looking For The Gays" LGBTQ design! Perfect for making new friends, celebrating pride and being proud to be a Gay.

20. Pride Thank You Bag Parody

Come out with your take out and show off your pride with this, "Pride Pride Pride" LGBTQ thank you bag parody design. Perfect for celebrating pride and having a gay day!

21. Trans is beautiful

Trans is beautiful. Show your trans pride or support with this lgbtqa inspired design.

22. Trans Plant

Doctor told me I needed a trans-plant. Everyone needs a trans-plant. For the lovely trans folks out there with a green thumb and a knack for puns, get yourself a trans-plant with this adorable design!

23. Shy Bi and Ready To Cry

This bisexual mug is perfect for all the bi bunnies out there who are shy and introverted and sad but still feel some bi pride, like "shy, bi and ready to cry." This cute bunny mug is great for fans of bi jokes, bi pride, bisexual mugs, bi quotes and gay mugs.

24. Trans Nasa

Show your love of space exploration and your trans pride with this vintage logo inspired design. This design features a parody of the Nasa logo in the trans pride flag colors.

25. Backstreet Bi

Backstreet's BI, ALRIGHT. Show off your bisexual nostalgia for boy bands with this funny, "Backstreet Bi" music parody design. Perfect for loving the Backstreet Boys, bi puns, and being the best member of your bisexual band.

26. Village Queer

Spread your rainbow across the whole village and show your queer pride with this cute, "Village Queer" LGBTQ+ pride design! Perfect for being the village queer, pride, the local gay, rainbow love, and embracing your queerness!

27. Queer Coven

Cheers, the witches here are queer! This LGBTQA+ mug is perfect for queer witches!

28. The Queer Is Strong With This One

The queer is stronger than the force. Celebrate your pride with this cute, "The Queer Is Strong With This One" LGBTQ Star Wars parody! Great for queer Star Wars geeks, parodies, and queer quotes!