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Our RFTees (Real F'n Tees) offer free valuable rewards in the form of real tradeable and collectible NFTs and can be redeemed at LookHUMAN for savings, special offers and free products.

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Benefits of LookHUMAN RFTees

Awarded with every LookHUMAN product purchase of $10 or more. With a LookHUMAN account you’ll be eligible for special RFTee offers and prizes

Unique limited edition collectibles that feature new versions of some of our most popular designs

Redeemable for valuable rewards, including cash towards future purchases and special prizes, such as a free t-shirt

Tradeable NFTs that can be held in your personal crypto wallet (or in your LookHUMAN account) and displayed and traded on popular NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea

LookHUMAN RFTees are reward tokens offered with every product purchase. In line with our commitment to being a little different, they aren’t just ordinary rewards tokens! They are virtual tokens that carry special powers and are delivered in the form of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). Each token can be redeemed for rewards on the LookHUMAN site, including cash off future purchases and special prizes.
Most of us think of NFTs as things that can sell for a lot of money but have no intrinsic value. We’re turning this paradigm on its head. Our NFTs have all the qualities that have made NFTs so popular by being able to trade, collect, and share them in the open crypto world, plus we are giving them away for free and empowering them with real value in the way of savings and rewards.
For Crypto enthusiasts (or newbies that want to have some fun in the crypto world, without risking any of their hard-earned savings), NFTees can be minted for free onto the Polygon blockchain and made available for your friends and community to view on OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace on the web.
Minting to the public crypto world is available for free from your LookHUMAN account. Minting just requires you to tell us the public address of your crypto wallet, so we can send your NFTees there (and they’ll always be available in your account for award redemption, viewing your collection, and sharing with your friends).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do LookHUMAN RFTees work?

A: It’s simple! You can earn RFTees with every product purchase on LookHUMAN. You simply need to create a LookHUMAN account to view your RFTees and benefit from RFTee rewards. If you don’t have a LookHUMAN account, you can create one, or you will be invited to create one and view your rewards after your order. Also, keep an eye out for additional ways to earn RFTees which we’ll be announcing soon!

Q: What are RFTees??

A: RFTees are reward tokens in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Each token contains a reward value which can be redeemed at LookHUMAN and as NFTs, you can choose to send them to your crypto wallet and from there you can display them on popular crypto marketplaces, such as OpenSea to share and trade them. If you choose to hold your RFTees in your Crypto wallet, they will still be viewable and redeemable in your LookHUMAN account, as long as your wallet is connected to your account.

Q: Do LookHUMAN RFTees have value?

A: LookHUMAN RFTs can be used to receive rewards from LookHUMAN, such as savings on future purchases and special prizes, and can be traded on public NFT marketplaces, such as OpenSea, but they can not be redeemed for cash at LookHUMAN.

Q: What can I do with my RFTees?

A: RFTees can be collected and traded, they can also be redeemed for LookHUMAN rewards. Ownership of an RFTee does not convey ownership in the art upon which it is based. All RFTee art is the copyrighted property of LookHUMAN and our parent company, Print Syndicate, Inc.

Q: When can I use my RFTees to receive rewards?

A: RFTees are available for redemption once your order ships. Before that, they will be visible in your account but will be in pending status until your items ship.

Q: What happens to the RFTee after I redeem it?

A: The RFT remains yours to keep in your collection, and to display or trade-in an NFT marketplace. Most prizes can only be redeemed once and the redemption status will be recorded in your LookHUMAN account.

Q: How do I mint my RFTee, so I can hold it in my crypto wallet and share it in an NFT marketplace?

A: You simply need to go to your LookHUMAN account (and if you don’t have one, just create one with the same email address you used to complete your order and your rewards will be there), and follow the instructions to enter the public address of your crypto wallet.

Q: What if I don’t have a crypto wallet?

A: You can leave your RFTees in your LookHUMAn account and collect them there. They will have the same value for LookHUMAN benefits and savings as they would if you keep them in your crypto wallet. If you’d like to move them to a crypto wallet and be able to share and trade them on popular NFT marketplaces, you’ll need to set up a wallet using an app like Coinbase or Metamask.

Q: Should I be concerned about giving my wallet address to LookHUMAN?

A: No. Giving us your address only allows us to deliver the RFTee to your wallet and provides the security that assures us it's yours. Just like giving us your delivery address to receive your physical merchandise, the wallet address does not give us the ability to access the contents of your wallet.

Q: What is Polygon?

A: Polygon is an open platform for building blockchain-based applications and recording crypto transactions and currency holdings. It is a separate chain from the main Ethereum blockchain and this enables it to support transactions at a low cost and with virtually no energy use or environmental impact. Polygon is also the home to major NFT marketplaces, such as OpenSea. When you mint your RFTees, they are minted onto the Polygon chain and can be viewed in your crypto wallet and easilly listed for trading and sharing on the OpenSea.