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Star Fleet Alumnus Sticker/Decal Sheets

Browse our collection of 13 Star Fleet Alumni Sticker/Decal Sheets and more. Designed and printed in the USA. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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About this Design These alien holiday gifts tags are out of this world and are sure to make any gift you give all the more special this Christmas! This sticker sheet features a colorful array of alien santa as well as some cute little star stickers to add to any gift! Get spacey with our alien Christmas tags!
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Alien Santa Gift Tag  Sticker/Decal Sheet
Alien Santa Gift Tag Sticker/Decal Sheet
About this Design A long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away, a bunch of hairless cats dressed up like Senator Padme' Naberrie Amidala Skywalker of Naboo. Show your love for Queen Amidala's dresses along with your love of sphinx cats with these funny cat stickers. These stickers are perfect for sci fi nerds and cat people alike.
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Amidala Cat  Sticker/Decal Sheet
Amidala Cat Sticker/Decal Sheet
About this Design If you love astronomy, astrophysics, or even just science and space in general, these inspirational quote stickers are very fitting! Adorned with stars and scrolls, they have quotes from astrophysicists Carl Sagan, Neil Degrasse Tyson, and poet Sarah Wilson. Show your love for science with these unique space stickers!
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Inspiring Science Quote  Sticker/Decal Sheet
Inspiring Science Quote Sticker/Decal Sheet
About this Design How do you make fat fluffy kitty cats even more adorable? Put some astronaut helmets on em, and put them in cosmic space among the stars with a cute spaceship. The perfect design for science nerds and kitten lovers alike.
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Space Cat  Sticker/Decal Sheet
Space Cat Sticker/Decal Sheet
About this Design Good job you didn't really even try did you! Wow you're so good at being.... not so good at this. Maybe you should stop while you're ahead. Grade the performance of those around you with these ironic "you tried" gold, silver and bronze stars perfect for insulting basic bitches and showing off your sarcasm at school or college.
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You Tried Stars Sticker/Decal Sheet
You Tried Stars Sticker/Decal Sheet
About this Design This sticker set is great if you want to prank your friends by telling them they're just okay at school and being in a friendship with you. Show your sassy side of love and let your friends know it's nice that they tried.
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World's Okayest  Sticker/Decal Sheet
World's Okayest Sticker/Decal Sheet

Best Selling Designs
About this Design Every day is the 4th of July if you are 'Merican enough! Show off your hardcore patriotism with these super American, USA pride, red white and blue stickers! Hurray USA!
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'Merica Presidents  Sticker/Decal Sheet
'Merica Presidents Sticker/Decal Sheet
About this Design The perfect stickers for any country gal who loves, whiskey, running barefoot and partying in the summer underneath the stars. "Drink Whiskey and Raise Hell", "Rebel Child Running WIld, "Cowboys and Whiskey Make Me Friskey", "Bonfires and Whiskey". Sure, this girls gotta a gun and bottle of whiskey, so you'd better be careful not to piss her off!
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Whiskey & Country Life  Sticker/Decal Sheet
Whiskey & Country Life Sticker/Decal Sheet
About this Design Is it time for the holiday season already?! These cute Christmas friends will be there to help the season move along. There's a kitty in a box and a doofy reindeer. A happy tree and its ornaments, star and mistletoe friends are there too! So after thanksgiving get ready to get the holiday cheer rolling with these adorable stickers!
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Cute Christmas Friends  Sticker/Decal Sheet
Cute Christmas Friends Sticker/Decal Sheet
About this Design Seize the Night with these funny night based stickers perfect for the nocturnal owl with insomnia and a bad case of the munchies , staying up late blogging, marathoning shows, eating pizza, drinking, partying, and doing whatever the heck else you do at 3am instead of going to bed.
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Insomniac Sticker/Decal Sheet
Insomniac Sticker/Decal Sheet
About this Design February 6, 1911- Time stood still as 'Merica's Lord and Savior, Sweet Baby Reagan, was born in a manger crafted by The Benevolent Bald Eagle in Tampico, Illinois. Celebrate America's homegrown legend with this historically accurate depiction of The Reagan Nativity Scene, in which Ronald Reagan was cradled in the warmth of an eagle's nest, wrapped in the Star Spangled Banner, as Cherub Washington and Lincoln welcomed the future 40th president unto the 'Merica.
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Sweet Baby Reagan Sticker/Decal Sheet
Sweet Baby Reagan Sticker/Decal Sheet
About this Design Be the raddest extraterrestrial this side of the Milky Way Galaxy with these funny alien stickers that are guaranteed to make you too cool for this earth, because you're out of this world! These cute stickers are perfect for fans of alien conspiracy theories, UFOs, space, stars, retro depictions of lil grey or green aliens that look straight out of Area 51, and cute sassy stickers!
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Cool Alien  Sticker/Decal Sheet
Cool Alien Sticker/Decal Sheet

Newest Designs
About this Design Teen Wolf fans know that Stiles Stilinski is the real star of the show. Who doesn't love that 147 pounds of pale skin and fragile bones? If you're a nerdy fan of the wolf series these Teen Wolf stickers are for you! Perfect to represent the best fandom out there, with the cutest ships, wherever you go! These Teen Wolf stickers are sure to have you howling with excitement! Put them on your laptops, your notebooks, your friends, anywhere!
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Team Stilinski  Sticker/Decal Sheet
Team Stilinski Sticker/Decal Sheet